A downloadable hedgehog simulator for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Happy Hedgehog is a hedgehog pet simulator for the original Game Boy that was developed for Porpentine's Pet Jam. It was written in C using the Game Boy Development Kit. The game is currently in Beta, but new features will be added regularly until the final release.

You can name your hedgehog, feed it, play games with it and watch it walk around and be cute!

Play games to earn money, and use the money to buy food and toys.

The game can be played in any Game Boy emulator or flashed onto a cartridge and played on real hardware. It will automatically save your data so you can stop and go as you please.

As the game is currently in Beta (v0.1), here is a list of TODO items (everything else is assumed to be working already. If not, feel free to file a bug report at patrick@patchworkgam.es!).

  • Add music and sounds
  • Implement "how to play" on main menu (buttons should be intuitive or marked on screen, "how to play" will basically say that minigames earn money, money unlocks things, etc.)
  • Add more hedgehog animations (currently can walk and idle/blink)
  • Add 2 more minigames
  • Only the first two items in the shop list have been implemented.
  • Implement toys and props (toys and props can be unlocked and purchased, however activating them in the inventory screen does nothing as of yet).
  • Add a prettier main menu screen

And a list of known bugs:

  • At about 75% food or fun, the bars might render glitchy, but will fix themselves when the number changes and they get redrawn.
  • Sometimes when loading the game, the hedgehog can enter a state of permanent eyes closed. This will correct after entering/exiting a menu.


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